Trust DuraMirror™

The Only Mirror Made for the Bathroom

DuraMirror Will:

  • Protect Your Reputation – Avoid poor guestroom reviews of mirrors with unsightly mold-like black edge corrosion
  • Achieve Significant Savings – Eliminate the high replacement costs associated with imported mirrors from China
  • Support Environmental Stewardship – Reduce the environmental impact of cheap imported mirrors in our landfills

Benefits of DuraMirror:

  • Durable – The highest quality mirror available. Up to 3 times the life of standard imported mirrors from China
  • Corrosion Resistant – Made to resist de-silvering and black edges caused from high humidity and the effects of cleaners
  • Superior Reflection – Eliminates the distorted “fun house” effect seen in imported mirrors from China.

Why DuraMirror?

When planning an investment in Lighted Mirrors, attempting to cut cost by purchasing from China is an expensive mistake. Standard mirrors from China are not designed or capable of withstanding harsh bathroom environments. DuraMirror is, and because it is, it will generate long-term replacement-cost savings.

Why do Mirrors Corrode?

The moment a mirror is installed it begins to corrode naturally due to oxidation. In a bathroom, the high humidity combined with poor ventilation and many ammonia based cleaners accelerate the process. Mold-like black edge (unsightly black corrosion on the edge of the mirror), black spots (black corrosive spots throughout the mirror) and clouding are common effects that are seen within a year of a typical mirror installation. DuraMirror is the only mirror made specifically for harsh bathroom environments that can combat these realities.

DuraMirror Product Information