Electric Mirror is the leader in natural-looking LED lighting that reflects true beauty.

When it comes to LED lighting, it’s all about her, and helping her look her best. With LED lighting solutions from Electric Mirror, you’re giving her the perfect, natural-looking lighting for the environment, resulting in a beautiful reflection on her, and on you. And because one size does not fit all, Electric Mirror provides a variety of LED solutions. Our lighting experts will work with you to evaluate the advantages of each LED option, and determine the best one for your particular application.

Beautiful World™ Channel LEDs

This technology pairs the best of both worlds: easily-removable LED custom length channels with built-in diffusers. Our channel LED technology provides enhanced design flexibility not typically possible with T5 tubes. With a superior 90+ CRI, these channel LEDs are a preferred choice for custom lighted mirror applications. Learn more in our Channel LED spec sheet.


Beautiful World™ Flex LEDs

This flexible LED technology is perfectly suited for unique shapes and form factors, as it allows for better control of light output and eliminates potential dark spots in the frosted areas of a mirror. With a strong CRI rating of 90 or higher and an excellent energy efficiency of up to 100 lumens per watt, the Flex LED provides outstanding color retention for a vivid and long lasting experience. Learn more in our Flex LED spec sheet.

Beautiful World™ LED Tubes

Up to 20 percent more efficient than many tubes currently on the market, our T5 low-volt LED tubes are designed to maximize light output for illuminated mirrors, sconces, and other fluorescent tube applications. The tubes are flicker-free and resistant to vibrations, and the low heat output is cool to the touch. Learn more in our LED Tube spec sheet.

LED Tube lighting

Understand the nuances of LED lighting.

All LED-lighted mirrors are not created equal, so it’s important to understand the range of LED lighting options and mirror selection that ultimately combine to create an optimum guest experience. While many factors influence overall quality and effectiveness, we believe these are among the most important to consider.

Only Electric Mirror provides scientific analysis of your LED-lighted mirror.

When considering lighted mirror options, it’s important to remember that while different mirrors may look similar, there can be significant variance in how they perform. It’s not enough to know how the light engine itself performs—you need to know what happens when it’s placed behind your mirror. That’s why we conduct a Photometry and Chromaticity Analysis for your lighted mirror and provide you with a detailed report. When considering your lighted mirror options, insist on a full-fixture Photometry and Chromaticity Report, so you can have confidence that your finished lighted mirror product will meet your expectations.