Introducing Poet, the mirror that’ll captivate and delight your guests.

It’s often been said, “People will forget what you said and did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.” With Electric Mirror’s new Poet™ vanishing message technology, hotels have a unique and memorable new way to leave their guests feeling pleasantly surprised, thoroughly delighted, and eager to return.1

Communicate in an entirely new way.

Poet lets hotels inspire guests with messages that unexpectedly appear, then vanish, in the hotel mirrors. Using Poet, hotels can capture their guests’ attention with poetic words, thought-provoking phrases or inspirational quotes.

Customize the message to reflect your brand.

The Poet lets hotels create one, two, or even three-part messages that illuminate long enough to be read, and then vanish, returning the mirror to its original reflective state. Whatever your message, Poet brings it to life in a way that creates an indelible impression with your guests.

Make a beautiful statement.

The artistically-designed Poet message is laser etched into the back of the mirror. When a guest turns on the lighted mirror, at first only the mirror lights illuminate. Then, within seconds, the messages begin to appear, each part illuminating and then vanishing in succession independent from the others. When the message sequence is complete, the mirror reverts to a traditional lighted mirror.

Customize the Poet to complement your style.

Poet technology can be customized to create the look and feel you want1:
  • Customize the message itself
  • Customize the number of message segments used
  • Customize the placement of the message segments within the mirror
  • Customize the type fonts used (even consider artwork or logos!)

Let’s make poetry together.

Contact your Electric Mirror sales associate to learn more about Poet, and which lighted mirrors currently offer our vanishing message technology.
1Poet is available for projects needing a minimum of 100 units of any one Poet design. Restrictions may apply based on the configuration of the mirror and chassis.