Product Safety

For more than fifteen years, Electric Mirror has been serving the hospitality industry with one overarching goal: to make you more successful. Our focus on product safety drives our passion for making the highest-quality products in our industry.


Electric Mirror Safety and Trust insurance

Because we believe so strongly in our products, and in you, we offer our clients a $5 million liability insurance policy and a $1 million dollar intellectual property policy. This dwarfs what our competitors offer, at most, only a million dollar policy with no intellectual property coverage. You can rest assured that there are ten million reasons why Electric Mirror’s got your back.

Safety and Warranty:

Electric Mirror Safety and Trust warranty

Electric Mirror products come with a seven-year limited warranty, which allows you to rest easy. We also test all of our products to the fullest UL compliance levels for your safety. Our pledge to customer service and ensuring you are fully satisfied is unequaled by our competitors.

Earthquake Protection:

Electric Mirror Safety and Trust W-Chicago

OPHPD is a special certification required for any mirrors used in the healthcare industry in the State of California, and we’re proud to say that we meet these qualifications. Electric Mirror’s across-the-board compliance with this certification ensures that you will be providing the safest environment for your guests.


Electric Mirror Safety and Trust compliance

Product safety is a key hallmark foundation of our manufacturing. Our quality products are tested to essential UL/UL-C compliance standards, which is unequaled by any of our competitors. We understand that hotel owners must verify UL compliance and safety standards to reduce potential injury and liability. UL compliance tests have been a long established part of the industry.
Lighted Mirrors – tested to UL 1598 (section 16.23).
Lighted Mirror TVs – tested to UL 962
Mirror TVs – tested to UL 962
Water-proof TVs –tested to UL 60065