Ava is the key to consistently looking your best.

With SmartLook™ technology, Ava™ can change the light color to closely match the environment you’re about to encounter, making precise makeup application possible. Outdoors, indoors or an evening out, Ava’s on-screen touch-control interface makes it easy to change the color of white light to match a variety of settings, helping you bring out that beautiful, confident you.

The ideal settings for your setting.

Ava gives you the confidence to look your best in any environment. The tunable white LED lights let you select the color that best matches the environment you’re preparing for – outdoors, indoors, or evening.

  • 6,500K is ideal for a leisurely day at the pool, a brisk mountain hike, or even 18 holes at the local country club.
  • 4,600K is excellent for that important meeting in the boardroom, a busy day on campus, or a quick get-together with friends for lunch.
  • 2,700K is perfect for an intimate evening dinner, that new nightclub hotspot, or curtain rise at the theater.

Beautiful, confident, Ava.

The product name Ava was chosen to honor an Electric Mirror employee’s beautiful younger sister who is battling cancer. When we first met Ava, we were struck by her strength, confidence and beautiful smile. And because this innovative lighted mirror technology brings out every woman’s beauty and confidence, naming it after Ava just made sense.

Now every time a lighted mirror with Ava technology is produced, Electric Mirror employees will be reminded of beautiful, confident Ava. And every time a mirror with Ava technology is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated in Ava’s honor to help find a cure for cancer.

Ava joins our Inspired Technology collection of products.

Ava, with SmartLook™ Technology, is the perfect way to enhance your daily makeup application. Featuring patented and patent pending technology, Ava is available in most Electric Mirror lighted mirrors. Electric Mirror’s complete Inspired Technology collection includes:

Our SmartLook™ Technology that changes any mirror’s light color for perfect makeup application.

Our SmartDim™ Technology that adds automatic dimming and energy savings to any mirror.

Our SmartSound™ Technology that uses Bluetooth to turn any mirror into a wireless stereo system.

Our SmartTime™ Technology that beautifully embeds an LED clock into any mirror.

Mirror TV
Our SmartView™ Technology that displays an LED TV in any mirror.

Bring out the beauty in your next project with Ava.

This product is protected by one or more patents. Learn more.

See our Ava Press Release.