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OmegaMirrorTM. The longest lasting, most eco-friendly mirror available.

Insist on the proven, most durable mirror for the bathroom.

Mirrors subjected to a humid bathroom environment are prone to unsightly corrosion, so it’s imperative any purchasing decision take into consideration the mirror’s durability. The CASS2 Testing Method, conducted by independent labs like UL and TUV, is the universally-preferred test for verifying the longevity of mirror products under harsh conditions.

With CASS Testing, most mirrors show signs of de-silvering, clouding, and corrosion after only 75 hours. In comparison, OmegaMirror is rated “essentially faultless” after 480 hours of CASS testing, providing more than six times the corrosion-free durability and longevity of other mirrors.

The OmegaMirror Advantage:

Six times longer life
Independently CASS tested
10-year warranty¹
Lead and copper-free

Cass Testing Results for Mirror Durability

Insist on the mirror that safeguards your hotel’s reputation.

In hotels, nothing creates a more important first – and lasting – impression than the bathroom mirror. If the mirror is spotless, so too must be the room. But if the mirror shows evidence of unsightly mold and blackspot corrosion, who knows what’s lurking elsewhere in the room? Only OmegaMirror delivers years of outstanding performance that protects your hotel’s reputation.

Insist on the mirror that protects your guests and the environment.

Use of lead-free, copper-free OmegaMirror reduces your hotel’s ecological footprint and protects indoor air quality by emitting virtually no volatile organic compounds.

Insist on the mirror that passes the industry’s most thorough testing.

OmegaMirror undergoes the industry’s most rigorous, ongoing testing to ensure it meets the standard for superior performance. How do other mirrors measure up?

CASS Testing Chart
Cass Chamber

Insist on the mirror that offers the lowest total cost of ownership.

Standard maintenance practices may necessitate replacement of bathroom mirrors every three years due to unsightly mold, black-edge and corrosion. OmegaMirror lasts six times longer than standard mirror, eliminating the replacement cost in a typical renovation cycle. For a 200-room hotel, this could save $135,000 over 10 years3. OmegaMirror not only delivers the best quality, it delivers the best value.

Replacement Cost Graphic

Insist on making the best purchase decision.

It’s important to understand the Total Cost of Ownership before you make a purchase decision. Using the interactive calculator at the right, you can estimate the typical replacement costs for lighted mirrors that don’t use OmegaMirror. In determining your estimated replacement cost, be sure to include shipping and installation labor. We used $225 as an estimate in our example, which includes the mirror, shipping, and installation labor. Your own estimate may be higher or lower. If your lighted mirror uses a one-part design be sure to budget the cost to replace the entire fixture, not just the mirror glass.

*Corrosion examples are simulated, but based on typical results seen with mirrors in actual use.
1 Some restrictions apply. See warranty for complete details.
2 The Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (CASS) test is a standardized method used around the world to determine the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings. CASS testing for mirrors involves placing mirror samples in a special CASS Chamber and subjecting them to a continual attack of corrosive agents that mimic a bathroom environment. The longer the samples remain corrosion free, the longer they will perform in an actual bathroom.
3 The $45,000 expense is calculated as 200 mirrors at $225 replacement cost each ($150 for mirror glass, $25 for freight, and $50 for installation per mirror). The total cost analysis assumes a 2-part design where the mirror is removable from the LED chassis housing. With one-part designs the mirror cannot be removed so the entire fixture must be replaced. In those circumstances the replacement costs would be two to three times higher.