Seamless LED Clock for Mirrors

Seamless™ LED Clock is a fantastic and elegant upgrade for Electric Mirror lighted mirrors and is available now for hospitality, health care, and commercial  applications. Seamless is available as an inexpensive upgrade on almost all our lighted mirror models and sizes. Patent pending techniques allow the illuminated digits to show through the mirror without a distracting clock display window, making the clock elegant and harmonious with the mirror.

  • Only the clock digits appear through the mirror – no distracting clock display window
  • Guests will enjoy the added benefit of having a clock in the bathroom
  • Affordable – every Lighted Mirror can now have a clock

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Seamless is equipped with two clock programming control methods that give customers flexibility to adjust the settings of the clock. The Automatic Clock Programmer provides the fastest method – simply point the programmer remote toward the mirror and it synchronizes all the settings automatically. The other option is the Manual Clock Programmer which uses the clock module’s display to manually make adjustments.

Product Specification
Seamless Remote Control Instructions