The Brightest Entertainment Mirror TV

Electric Mirror, the leader in the Lighted Mirror and Mirror TV industry, introduces Iris®, the next generation of Entertainment Mirror TV. Iris, which surpasses all previous technologies, is a type of mirror glass equipped with patented technology that allows the TV image to shine through the mirror without picture degradation and with minimal glare. Iris, the future of Entertainment Mirror TV technology, offers the best of both worlds – a beautiful mirror and a flawless TV.

Iris is available in most of our Loft and Stanford models.

The Iris mirror surface is slightly darker than a typical mirror, so Iris is best used in non-bathroom applications such as the guestrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dens, foyers and more.


  • Brightest Entertainment Mirror TV viewing experience, using the most-advanced technology.
  • Highest light transmission of any Entertainment Mirror TV, when compared to competitive products that have reduced light output.
  • Lowest level of glare of all Mirror TVs in the industry, ideal for Entertainment Mirror TVs.
  • Newest technology with the clearest picture and most consistent optical performance.
  • Exclusively available at Electric Mirror.
  • Patented.
  • Certified to ISO 14001:2004 environmental standards.

Models and Sizes

  • Available on framed Stanford Entertainment Mirror TVs models.
  • Available on un-framed Loft Entertainment Mirror TVs models.
  • Maximum Mirror Size – 71” x 53”
  • Maximum TV Size – 65”