Makeup Mirrors

What separates a makeup mirror by Electric Mirror from other mirrors? Superior, natural-looking LED light, 5x magnification, corrosion-resistant mirror glass suitable for damp locations, and countertop or wall-mount choices are just a few reasons our mirrors are ideal for all things makeup.

  • Looking your best is easy with a Blush™. It features a halo of natural-looking LED light, up-and-down tilt, and 5X magnification — great for makeup application.
  • This sleek, contemporary makeup mirror will Charm™ you with a pronounced ring of light, dual 1X/5X magnification, and an articulated arm for near and far viewing.

  • Elegant curves and clean lines come together in this striking Contour™. This cool design includes up-and-down tilt, 5X magnification, and a built-in handle to keep the surface smudge free.
  • Take brilliant, natural-looking LED light and mix it together with a bold design and 5X magnification to create an exquisite Elixir™ that’s ideal for all things makeup.
  • The beautiful styling of this contemporary mirror will bring a touch of Glamour™ to your bathroom. It features a halo of natural-looking LED light, up and down tilt, and 5X magnification – perfect for bringing out the glamour in you.
  • Purity, simplicity, and elegance are the cornerstones of Grace™. Encompassing up-and-down tilt and 5X magnification, it’s a welcome sight for your bathroom.
  • The right Palette™ is all it takes to consistently look and feel your best. Standing out from the group with dual mirrored surfaces, one with 5X magnification and the other with none, this style of mirror is as chic as it is versatile.
  • Bold geometric lines and pure, natural-looking LED light join together to enhance the Splendor™ of your bathroom. With a large mirror face and 5X magnification, makeup application has never been easier.

    *The Splendor Makeup Mirror is available for Hospitality, Commercial and Multi-Family projects. Because there is a minimum order quantity required, it is not available for Residential orders.


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